I’m Erin, a foodie turned health foodie, mother of three, globetrotter and believer in the mind body CONNECTION and extreme self care. I’m also a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, Integrative Nutritionalist, EYT-500 Hour Yoga Teacher and a Desire Map facilitator.

I spent years living a should life. You know, giving in a little here, a little there; chronically over pleasing. I wasn’t living close to my heart. My relationships needed an overhaul, my kids were happily growing up and leaving home, my parents were getting old and sick, my career was stagnant. Things were changing in every area of my life yet I was swimming hard upstream against it.

I believe that inner turmoil can contribute to autoimmune conditions. Knowing now that I have Hashimoto Disease I see the irony of how by body turned on itself. My life got so out of balance that my own immune system got some whacky message to attack my thyroid. The solution: medication for life. No big deal, take the pill.

I agreed to medication and prioritized healing with nutrition and supplementation. I learned everything I could about autoimmune diseases. I committed to a gluten free life, studied nutrition, gut health, hormone balance and employed mind body connections like more yoga, more meditation, more rest. For the first time in my life I put myself at the top of the list and made some major life changes.

I became a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. I immersed myself in the Functional Nutrition Alliance with Andrea Nakayama. I enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and studied over 100 dietary theories, lifestyle management techniques and innovative coaching methods. These programs connected me with the worlds top health and wellness experts like Mark Hyman, Frank Lipton, Andrew Weil and Christine Northrup.

I dove into biohacking because I believe it’s the future of medicine. Instead of employing what you think might work, biohacking works with your unique profile. Based on that data, biohacking provides a roadmap toward optimal health. I hacked my DNA to discover root causes. I learned about my microbiome, where it was unbalanced and how to fix it. Biohacking took the guesswork out of reaching my health goals. Now I just have to follow the suggestions!

I’ll always be a work in progress and I know the power of life make overs. They are doable and encouraged! I’ll forever be curious and determined to discover my unique triggers. With nutrition, movement and self care the keys to the healthy and happy life are waiting for me, and for you too.

Sometimes the end of the rope is often the most beautiful turning point.