As a health coach I help people get in touch with their bodies and rewrite their relationship with food and nutrition. Desire Mapping moves beyond the body and explores the parts of you that crave nourishment beyond food.  


You’ll get clear on how you want to feel before we begin talking about changing bad habits.  This is a brilliantly simple way to set goals that align with your deepest desires. Goal setting is typically about attaining something outwardly. Goals with Soul is attuning to how it will make you feel. Whether you want to live more intentionally or you’re experiencing a major life transition like a relationship shift, new living arrangement, career change or an empty nest, you’ll set goals with one simple question.

How do I want to feel?

free accepted clear seen courageous kind abundant rooted sacred harmonious authentic powerful natural magic expressive content creative accomplished natural brave vibrant mindful luminescent adventurous valuable whole open-hearted affluent strong thankful receptive

Desire mapping gives your goal-setting mechanism a makeover by putting desire first, specific goals second. You’ll finish this mapping with unique insights into your desires, dreams and goals for your life… and how to achieve them. This is where we move beyond the body and work with the part of you that crave nourishment beyond food such as pleasure, creativity, and freedom. Your core desired feelings will begin to guide all your decision making. When you finish this inner work you’ll be much closer to living the life you always wished was possible.

What you focus on expands!

Desire Map workshops are available individually or in groups and can be woven into yoga classes.