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My Food Philosophy Is SimplE

Here’s my view.

Eat real food. Keep your ingredients as close to their natural state as possible and make sure to have a rainbow of colors on your plate. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it!  Food is information that literally controls almost every function of your body and mind.  

Begin your meal planning with organic vegetables and build from there.  I am big on healthy fats like olive or coconut oil and avocado. Want some protein? Pasture eggs, grass-fed beef, wild fish. Make sure that whatever protein you’re eating has been treated with the same respect and care that you’d give your own body.  It becomes a part of you.

This isn’t about reading labels or following the latest craze.  It’s about nourishing your unique body. I’m gluten-free and minimize grains and sugar as I’ve found it to be the most nourishing for my body. You may be different.  We’re all unique! Start with real, nutrient-dense, whole foods and remember mindful, intuitive eating.  This is one giant step toward improved health.

The mind body connection is powerful. Food affects your brain; thoughts affect your digestion and immune system. It’s not only the foods we take in but how we manage stress, get good quality sleep, maintain healthy relationships, prioritize movement and enJOY life. How often do you connect with nature? Stood in awe of a beautiful sunset? What makes you truly happy?  Do more of that!

That’s my view. What’s yours?  

Don’t get me wrong. I admire elegance and have an appreciation of the finer things in life. But to me, beauty lies in simplicity.
— Dr. Mark Hyman
My relationship with food has always been unhealthy, but my work with Erin has taught me that it does not have to be a struggle.
— Mary
I hired Erin to work with my daughter after a traumatic brain injury. Erin’s suggestions for specific brain foods and supplementation helped us early on for the best results achievable.
— Catherine
Taking control of my pantry was the beginning of my success story. Erin works with me on prep each week. It has changed my body and my life.
— Paula